Butt Plug – Fun Factory B-Ball Uno – Black/Grey

R650,00 R325,00

From it’s tapered tip to it’s flexible base that fits perfectly between cheeks -the B Ball Uno is shaped for easy anal insertion and ultimate comfort with a weighted ball inside that bounces, rolls, and rumbles in response to any and all movements.

Using a butt plug can provide a range of benefits for both individuals and couples. One of the primary benefits is increased pleasure and stimulation. The anus contains a high concentration of nerve endings, making it an erogenous zone that can be highly sensitive to touch. A butt plug can provide a gentle yet intense pressure that can enhance sexual pleasure and lead to more intense orgasms. Additionally, using a butt plug can help individuals and couples explore new sensations and desires. It can also be a helpful tool for anal training, gradually increasing the size of the plug to help prepare the body for other types of anal play. Overall, using a butt plug can be a fun and exciting way to enhance sexual experiences and explore new levels of pleasure.

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